When I arrived in 1992, I cannot drive and drove 4 months later using a $300 car to the scariest highway in the bay area, Santa Cruz hwy 17. In the rain, the breaks and defrost did not work. I captured my night driving fears by hiring an instructor after my car accident where I have to use crutches for 6weeks and dance 8weeks later for my wedding.

I delivered by babies at home with midwives and for three years as full time mother, I read medical, nursing and midwifery books. I love to teach, so I was hired as a pharmacy tech instructor because I was a high school math and science teacher in the Philippines with a degree in BS Math, minor in Chemistry.

Working as a consultant in the bay area has been my past for over 19 years and now I embarked in the path of becoming an enterprenuer, my own health care site – avatarcare.net and health application helping reduce chronic care costs combining telemedicine, genetics and more.

I wish to empower people about health care using a personalized diet plan and health coaching/motivation.


So, feel free to connect with me as your health coach and refer me to others.

Connie Dello Buono