Lose extra weight and be healthy

Will bigger rewards motivate more employees toward a healthy lifestyle? Will this reward motivate more to lose weight?

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Educational/Awareness Incentives

THE PLAN: Companies offer rewards for completing activities that include an assessment of their personal health and risk factors. These can range from filling out a questionnaire about family medical history, diet and fitness routine, to taking a biometric screening for cholesterol, blood pressure and other factors. Incentives worth at least $100 are needed to get about 75% of employees to participate, says Lockton Benefit Group. Smaller rewards than that tend to motivate in the range of only 30% to 50%, experts say.

EXAMPLE: Caterpillar Inc. CAT -1.38% reduces premiums by $75 a month for employees who complete a health-risk assessment; up to 90% of eligible employees participate, according to the National Business Coalition on Health.

Dear Bay area employers,

I am offering 1-2hr brown bag seminar for bayarea companies about health topics promoting healthy lifestyles. Be sure to add some form of monetary reward or incentives such as $100-$10,000 cash or other rewards. This is tested way to get more participations among your employees. I will help in tracking down weight loss status of each employee via email.

Some of the topics include: healthy way to lose weight, hormonal imbalance, getting good sleep, body movements, herbs and nutrition and eating habits, and other topics promoting good health

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