Women live longer and needs a better retirement income and financial plan

To all my GFs and readers,
Life is a struggle worth living for, for we can help others be happy and live a meaningful life. I salute the many divorce and widows and all women. Because we live longer , at the end years of our lives, we have each other as company, we can laugh and dance as we wish….
As I start a new career in financial planning, I would appreciate any referrals from you all. I will teach you dance lessons and serve you for the rest of my life. Hope to hear from you all. You may share my ebook on women’s health: has some poems about my grandma, about women’s health, mothers and more…60pages, Let’s be healthy during old age. Remember in the care homes the top health concerns: constipation and nervous disorders. So worry less, talk to each other and dance or sing more.
I have some health tips for those who need it.  Mix Vit C powder from whole foods with lots of water for your Vit C face serum. For losing weight, eat only a small tsp of peanut butter in crackers when hungry in middle of the night. B vitamin complex is anti stress and so is magnesium and calcium, at night. And more…Beware of internet dating…I am still single after 2002…and more..Let’s have green juice at whole foods ladies…

Can I show you 6% return of your savings using $100 per month savings plan inside a perm life insurance (retirement or college plan)?

You can use the Living Balance Sheet tool, as used by the rich.
Your referrals are much appreciated.
I love you all,

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