Young techies buying stocks/investments to plan to retire early

 carbon mono poison

Talking to a 27 yr old techie this afternoon who owns some investments and stocks with the hope of retiring early at 40 was very promising. Silicon valley is a haven for young techies. They own stocks and buy more investments. I asked him if he has a financial planner and he said no. So, I said I can be your financial planner for free. Have you heard of the Living Balance Sheet, so I showed it to him to be able to manage his many investment portfolio.

As the warning above shows, we have to real the labels. A couple from the East, burned charcoal inside a closed bedroom for healing purpose, they died the next day of carbon monoxide poisoning. In the East, houses were built with open air vent around the sides of the roofs. 

We are working in the corporate world and also keep tracks of our finances, somehow we miss some deadlines and we need to be alerted. Some banks have phone alerts. But with our hectic schedule, we need to organize our finances.

If you watched the 401k Fallout, many older gen lost half of their savings with their 401k since it was affected by the market downturn.

There are tax free savings plan like the Roth IRA and perm life insurance. Permanent life insurance are for long term, safe, guaranteed and secured and only 20% of your savings need to be allocated to it if you are young. You can still manage the risks but for the older gen, risks should be minimized. Time is the greatest asset of our young, they should use it well. Using the Law of 72, dividing 72 by the number of interest your money is growing, gives you the number of years your money doubles. For a rate of return of  8%, your money doubles every 9 years.

Contact Connie Dello Buono to get the Living Balance Sheet to track your finance and do more than just alerts and monitoring, a strategic plan for your future to protect your wealth accumulation tax free. 408-854-1883


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