Reasons you need a whole life insurance, gift for grandchildren, college funds, retirement funds

A level premium or limited premium whole life insurance can:

  • provide asset reallocation and repositioning to serve your long term care needs
  • be a gift to your grandchildren or children aside from using your Living Trust for gifting
  • used to open a retirement plan instead of an IRA by end of the year for tax purpose
  • is a tax free way of cash accumulation and distribution
  • create an immediate estate to replace funds lost in stocks and other investments
  • secure your family’s finances in event of death
  • provide emergency funds since you can borrow from its accumulation
  • increase your wealth base, long term, safe and secured/guaranteed
  • be a collateral for a bank loan
  • ability to invest cash value in growth securities
  • tax free death benefit and tax free growth
  • disability protection
  • self funding
  • distribution like a will
  • protection for an instant permanent estate
  • liability protection
  • asset maximization

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500k whole life death benefit whole life with dividends purchasing

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