We perform bowel elimination in the wrong position. Instead of squatting, we sit. Instead of standing, on hands or knees, squatting or on all fours, we deliver our babies lying on our back opposite gravity.

Why did we forget to bear down or moan or groan when we feel the urge to push. We forgot to do all these techniques and skills as we are not surrounded by older women who are at our side and told their experience to us. We listened to the scientific way, which is also true but is designed to provide explanation to the unnecessary regimen that they brought in to deliver a baby.

So, listen and be empowered. Learn from everyone. Apply all of them and use the one that is close to nature. Do this only, when you have proper prenatal with a midwife or a holistic doctor and in healthy state. Only when our blood and urine chemistry are perfect and we have not taken drugs during the first trimeter, before the conception and during pregnancies when not warranted.

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