The 1 million race for the cure to end aging

If asked what is my one million entry for the cure to end aging, it will comprise of the following factors in synergy:

  • Happiness: finding love, joy,satisfaction and confidence in every day. Happiness from the beauty of the place you live and work. Where there is no toxins or pollutants, where you can breath well. And kept a good size of close and loving family, friends and community. A soul mate, loving children, and many more ways others define happiness
  • Nutrition and Movement: Need to limit calories, sugar and toxic food ingredients and eating mostly whole foods with important ingredients such as turmeric, alkaline veggies, cocoa nuts, edible mushrooms, flax seeds, raw nuts, coconut oil  and other healthy colorful food raw and cooked in moderation. Happy foods from colorful whole foods. As you move and listen to calming music, you create more neurons to the brain.
  • Sleep, lifestyle free from severe stress and time for relaxation to relax and calm the nerves. Which goes back again to creating happy thoughts and environment. Sunshine and fresh air contribute to a relax environment.
  • Touch, massage, essential oils food for the brain and avoidance of brain toxins such as meds, drugs, alcohols and other unknowns. A mother’s massage during the early years of the baby stimulate growth of the body’s immune system.  Care during and before pregnancy prepares the womb for the baby to have the right environment and during labor, the absence of unnecessary meds also has influence on baby’s growth. Breastfeeding and in absence use of goat’s milk have profound effect to the health of the baby and the adult. Most elderly in care homes who lived past 95 yrs of age have full teeth as most infection can enter in the mouth.
  • Community and meaningful work, employment or business make one feel happy and secured and calms brain neurons.

The above factors I believe contribute to long life and delays the aging process. Why the scientists of today will spend so much for research to fight inflammation, gene decay, short and tangled brain neurons and other novel ways when all we need are the above.

Please email me your feedback. Connie Dello Buono, health author 408-854-1883

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