How much of your savings, investments, retirements and other funds are tax free?

The best time to pay taxes is today and not in the future when our investments or savings are bigger, which translates to bigger taxes. So your 401k savings is really not totally your own, half of it goes to IRS.

Let me show you a cash flow analysis looking at your income taxes, deferred taxes and other taxes to ensure that you can have a tax advantaged financial plan.

What are your reasons for opening a particular investments or savings account?

Are you satisfied with the amount of future income taxes incurred from your savings or investments?

Let me help you navigate your cash flow, showing your graphically using the Life Balance Sheet, protecting your from incurring more taxes and reallocating your assets, maximizing your wealth and protecting your cash accumulation.

When do you want to retire? Each age group, the younger 40s and the 40plus generation have their own path to achieve the maximum wealth accumulation in a tax advantaged way.

I will plan for your finances ensuring that any tax increases over time is accounted for in your overall financial plan. Using proper asset reallocation, I will ensure that you have the cash value and net worth taking into account lesser taxes that is eating up your savings or investments. Each year, we will proactively be on top of your financial plan to get all your money back eaten by taxes.

Together we will take action so that you did not lost any opportunity costs.

Connie Dello Buono

Financial Planner

CA Life Lic 0G60621


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