How much of your business net income you get to keep as a business owner

Can a dentist retire with $1M?  Can a business owner retire with $2M? As business owners, taxes and savings should be our top priorities. Can you put your business income at risk? What is the lowest amount that you have in your business checking? Can we save 5% of your revenue for your savings, tax free and with guaranteed rate of return of at least 5%.

As business owner, we work more than 12 hours a day to keep our business. At the end of ten or 20 years we hope to make substantial income when the time comes to sell our business.

If you leave what you should save for yourself in your business account, all the gross income in your business is taxed including the money you should be saving for your retirement tax free.

Start saving now as a business owner to shorten the amount of time you need to retire. Using a perm whole life insurance, you are also increasing your estate, have a liquid money you can access via a loan after one year and with a guarantees to grow over time. We are going to call this a super charge Roth IRA, since there is no limit in it.


If you are a business owner who wished to save tax free via a whole life insurance, contact Connie Dello Buono 408-854-1883 , CA Life Lic 0G60621, for your savings account for retirement as a business owner.  Start owning a savings vehicle/plan you can put your own money away before putting all of it in your business.  In this saving vehicle, you can put money in and out.

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