How will you allocate your $3M cash at 60 yrs old? Hint: Protect your today to plan for tomorrow

Who owns the 10% of your money,around $300,000 from the total cash of $3M? The IRS, heirs, or left at an institution. How can you reallocate the $300,000 to get better performance with no risk? Permanent whole life insurance is a place to move your $300,000 with no risk.

Your cash asset creates more tax as it grows. If you are not after the return but you want to lower your risk, you know where to put the rest of your money.

If you think you would need long term care, a permanent whole life insurance with supplemental long term care or accelerated death benefit riders (terminal and critical illness riders) is a better wealth creation account that is risk free.

Your goal is to transfer wealth that is tax advantaged.

If your goal is for higher returns with high risks, you know what investment account you want your money in.


Contact Connie Dello Buono for permanent whole life insurance (7 year-pay) with supplemental long term care that is risk free and with guaranteed returns. 408-854-1883

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Note: If you are 40-50 yrs old and has $300k in investments and savings, you can reallocate 10% of it to a tax free and risk free, guaranteed return of 6%, a permanent whole life insurance is the way to go (for protection and estate creation). You can use your money as a loan in year 2.

Tax Savings: 40-50% of your accumulated investments


  1. Protect your today to plan for tomorrow (perm whole life insurance) getting more than 16 benefits for today than during death.
  2. Organize your finances.  Asset reallocation is important for ages 45 and above since you have less time to grow your money and you have to consider spend down.
  3. Maintain 6 months to 1 year of your income as savings.
  4. Save 15-20% annually to protect you for the real costs of living (taxes, inflation,new gadgets, increasing price of gas, etc).
  5. Last, pay up short term debts.

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