If you own a bay area care home, healthy dinner is on us, 408-854-1883, using only titanium steel cookware from saladmaster.  Do you know the many chemicals being leached by many of our cooking pots and pans from teflon and other materials. Some birds die from gas fumes leached out from our cooking pots and pans.

Reduce your time and energy in cooking using these titanium pots and pans. I met one of the reps at saladmaster last night and she had been using the cookware since 1980 and at age 50plus she does not have any gray hair and is in a very healthy shape.  There are many testimonials from people who use healthy cookware and food preparation with more nutrients captured in their cooked food. So call especially if you are a carehome or business owner in the health service arena and wanted to own these tax-deductible cookware to promote healthy cooking and food preparation.

Our time when lost cannot be recovered and so it is an important asset that we have. Spend your time wisely with your business and family or love ones.  In the financial planning arena, time can create wealth for you with the correct strategy of using a tax advantage way of reallocation of your savings and investments. Please refer me to those who wanted to save tax free and use proper reallocation of their savings and investments. 408-854-1883 Connie Dello Buono CA Life Lic 0G60621 motherhealth@gmail.com  with a team of advisors from estate planners, investment specialists, CFP and other financial advisors in 50 US states.

Other saving tips:

  • Avail of 420 tax deductions as business owners. Own one for less than $1200 such as the gourmet coffee business 408-854-1883.
  • Get a discount from your home insurance by using an induction stove, no fire is used and very safe with children. Another discount for having a home security with comcast or xfinity or other home protection companies.
  • Baby safe or grandparents safe your house
  • Solar roofs when you have a high utility bill
  • And email me for other saving ways that you know so we can share them to others (using coupons, travel clubs, etc)

Saving early in life is number one way to save for the future with money doubling every 8-12 years at a wealth accumulation plan. Call 408-854-1883 to show you these savings plan, with tax advantage.

Gift your college children with a saladmaster with electric connection. 408-854-1883

If you are my neighbor in the San Jose area, this month is free gourmet coffee at my place. Just call first. Connie 408-854-1883