Tax Free saving: Municipal bonds, Roth IRA and permanent life insurance. I suggest a permanent life insurance for saving your money each year, for example $50,000 each year, increasing your estate by $7M, guaranteed return of 4% plus additional dividend yield of 2%, allowing you to borrow your own money year 2 (liquid) and with terminal and critical illness riders or benefits during health threats so you get to access some portion of your face amount. IRS 7702 allowed this tax free accumulation as long as the insurance policy is in place with at least 10% of its cash accumulation intact.

Myths about asset class – life insurance

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About the Financial Firm: Mutually founded financial firm paying its dividends to the policy holders like you, with rating of Aaa ranking top 7 in the USA and is more than 150 yrs old. Its products include: life insurance, disability income, IRA/401k, annuities and many more for small business, doctors/health care pros, employees and employers.

About me: My name is Connie Dello Buono, CA Life Lic 0G60621 and I live in San Jose California for over 20 years. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I have two grown children in college, now 18 and 20 yrs of age and had been divorced since 2002. I have siblings in the Philippines and Australia. I graduated with degree in BS Math and minor in Chemistry at Adamson University. I took some MBA courses at Argosy University. During the time that I was full time mother for three years, I read medical, nursing and midwifery books and was trained by bay area midwives and these helped me write my first ebook on childbirth and baby care, Birthing Ways Healing Ways at amazon. I have taught pharmacy technician course, zumba dance fitness and high school science and math. I love Argentine Tango and belly dancing. During my spare time, I share my knowledge in herbs and nutrition with others and thru my blog at . I can be reached at 408-854-1883 and