smiles of our young children and free time to do the things we love to do the most

Dear parents and busy working professionals,

As parents, our morning is lighted up by the warm smile from the faces of our young children. We love our children so much that we need to protect our future, our life, assets, accumulated wealth to be able to provide for them during emergencies, college, buying new house, raising grand children and retirement.

This is the value I add to my clients, to help them organize their finances with proper protection. Busy professionals like doctors and dentists find value in what I do when I show them The Life Balance Sheet that help them find money, grow money tax free, protect their accumulated wealth and reallocate their assets according to their current and future needs. Now, they can do more of the things they love to do the most during those free time they have in their busy practice.

I bring value to my clients who knows that financial planning with protection and well organized finances tracked and reviewed properly can mean a shorter time to reach retirement and more savings accumulated over time.

Dealing with our finances now is more important since the cost of waiting is bigger than we thought. We cannot replace the time lost or the lost opportunity costs. Let me help you with the process of planning your finances to take care of your future and protect your love ones and your busy practice.

Let us remove THE WHAT IFs and have peace of mind. And let me help you find the money for protecting the ones you love and protecting your business and your precious time.

Your financial planner,

Connie Dello Buono

Holistic financial planning with protection and financial strategy
based on your current and future needs

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