Battling Flu, my own holistic way

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Drinking hot water with Umcka cold care, a homeopathic remedy I bought at Whole Foods Store and other ingredients such as: tea mixed of herbal blend my son got me, honey, garlic, lemon, ginger, and turmeric and resting/sleeping helped me battle my flu.

A week ago, I was massaging my mom with turmeric and coconut oil since she has a flu. As a result, I got the bug. I also gave her the Umcka cold care powder.

She got healed and now it is my turn.

It is now the third day and I bow to battle this flu to the end. The mucus is coming out. I used my essential oil blends (one blend for sleep and one blend I use for slimming) at

The turmeric and coconut oil blend I prepared at home is what I used to massaged my body, the armpit, feet, inner thighs and other parts to clean my lympathic system. I have fever last night but subsided in few hours.

Sleep is a miracle, it is the secret to anti-cancer. I have to ensure that I get it from rearranging my beddings, opening the window a little bit to allow fresh air and essential oils to sleep.

My sister in Australia, Marjorie, suggested I leave cuts of onions in my bedroom which I did last night. I also added onions in my hot drink.


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