A 79 yrd old grandma and caregiver for seniors has to retire by December. The money from this site will retire her. She is an excellent cook and well loved by her clients. Many times, she has to wake up in the middle of the night to calm an old lady. She herself is old but supports a dozen grandchildren in school in the Philippines.

A widow 12 years ago, she delights in drinking wine with her girlfriends and a lifeline for her only daughter in the USA who is divorced with two teens.

Many love her cooking that even the owner of the carehome and her family treated her as part of the family for they adore her for she always tells the truth to avoid any emergencies in the care home. She care for the seniors she cared for like her sister and brother.

After 13 years in the USA, she is now ready to retire with only $400 from social security a month. She knows that being surrounded by families in the Philippines, she can relax and live a simple life back home.

She loves the health care services here, the red wine, the company of her girlfriends and the money she earns which was able to support the education of her 12 grandchildren.

You may connect with her via motherhealth@gmail.com