Dear Doctor,

I am a financial advisor at Harding Financial which specialize in strategic tax planning strategies using a combination of corporate structuring and financial planning.   In working with new clients, we find that doctors are paying unnecessary taxes due to improper corporate structure and improper pay and financial structure.  With proper corporate, financial and pay structure, we can often eliminate large amounts of unnecessary taxes that you are currently paying to the Federal and State Governments.  If you have not sat down with a knowledgeable financial advisor who works hand in hand with your CPA to implement strategies that align your corporate, pay, and financial planning structures, you are paying unnecessary taxes.  CPAs are excellent in finding tax deductions through accounting, Harding Financial Partner advisors are excellent in finding deductions through an integration of corporate structure and financial planning.

Our planning and analysis goes beyond what typical financial advisors, and even CPAs, do for clients.  Additionally, our research and experience indicates that Dr. personal assets are exposed to litigation due to improper personal asset protection planning and strategies that are not in sync with their practice corporate structure.  If you would like to hear more about what we do for private practices and Doctors, please let me know and I will schedule a short, 30 minute, introductory call to see if our planning process and models interest you and are a fit for your situation.    There is still time to implement our strategies for tax year 2014, but that window is closing rapidly.  Talk to you soon.


Connie Dello Buono

Financial Advisor


Harding Financial