Coming out victorius in life’s struggles

Dear children,

As both of you are born at home and I have shielded you from the hi and lows of emotions and life stresses, now that you are grown I want you to be victorius when life throws you an ultimate stressor.  Surround yourself with people who support and love you unconditionally. A hug from a love one will erase any worries away. Yesterday, you hugged your grandma (my daughter and you cried) who was stressed from her coworker who has shrinked brain due to her past.

I have told you to stay away from bitchy people or people who cannot handle life’s stresses with ease and acceptable adult behaviour. It pains me to see you cry, but I have to raise you with strength and stamina that I got from your strong great grandma Claudia.  In Asian culture, we fold and do not voice our opinions to our superiors and should not show aggressiveness at work. I will be happy dying if my children can withstand an ultimate stress in life and come out victorious.

Do not tolerate abuses, start nurturing with love your future children and others you touch and meet. At times, you want to avoid, unreasonable people and at times, you may shout back to fold them inside and stop their abusive personality. I have raised you with love, seldom says no and never tolerated brattiness and I love that both of you value work and school and being savers of money.

Be yourself, show more love to influence others with your positive spirit.

Your mom, C

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