Reminiscing how I spent my 2016 is worth it. It is full of actions, positive thoughts and feelings and growing pains in raising my two young adults, now in college. It was also a time of taking care of my 80-yr old mother who won’t stop working for it pleases her to be able to help send her grandchildren to college.

Did I achieve anything about my love life? I am growing emotionally and happy to make another person happy. Life is worth sharing for.

It will bring joy for me to see you all join in dancing at Starlight Dance Club on Boulinger San Jose and exercise at NC Fit , cross fit gym. Both are food for our physical body.

I realized that I now age like the rest and cannot stop our cells from aging but can slow it down with deep breathing, exercise, wholesome lifestyle and happiness created each day. We choose these things because we love our bodies and to be of help for others. I am looking forward in ten years or more from now to be taking care of my grandchildren and just pace my life in rhythms with the earth, moon and sun.

Birthdays let us remember to stop and be grateful for another year and ready to create more memories, better than the past. We learned a lot from the past that we strive to reach a higher peak of happiness and achievement.