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To my children in college, mom’s lessons she learned and wished you knew before you take a leap

  1. Forgive but not forget, always fill your mind with positive and happy thoughts
  2. Learn from your mistakes, know the cues of what is going to be a wrong decision
  3. Gratitude will bring you blessings untold, and keep you safe for the future
  4. Confidence but with preparation and grace, in service with others so that you can be served
  5. Select your friends for a lifetime, they can pull you up and bring wealth untold
  6. Friends can influence you, can walk with you and help you attain success and happiness
  7. Your thoughts can translate into action with conviction
  8. There is ambition and goals and not procrastination to get what you want
  9. Early bird catches the worm, be early and ahead of others or be prepared
  10. Expect the unexpected if you lack preparation
  11. Select your tools and gadgets to save your life when you need them
  12. Bring your smart phone, computer and driving glasses when you go places
  13. Always save 6months worth of emergency funds
  14. Borrow only when necessary or exchange your skills and knowledge to earn
  15. Always up your skills, they will save you in times of trouble
  16. Be street smart not only book smart
  17. Always have a back up in life, living simply and in practical ways
  18. Love, friendship and family are very important and so is prayer
  19. Learn to dance, sing , paint, fencing, swimming and any worthwhile relaxing and uplifting activity
  20. Gain respect and put yourself in service to your well being and that of others you are responsible for.
  21. Write a journal to keep your spirit strong and continue this list to impart to your children. You can write up to 300 things to share with others to walk your talk.