HEALTH It’s All About Consciousness
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Sickness isn’t something that just “happens” to us, and neither is
health something that can be achieved simply with the right foods,
medicines, exercise, and mental attitude.
Health and sickness are a reflection of our essential being, and hence
the potential for health resides in each of us at all times.
When we are grounded in the universal consciousness the author calls
our One-Self, our entire being is in balance, which gives rise to
wellness. This is because there is no fracturing within our One-Self,
which knows nothing but well-being. It is whole, or “holy.”

To the degree we are in harmony with our One Self, we enjoy an easy,
flowing aliveness and vibrancy. Dis-ease only occurs when this flow is
in some measure blocked. There’s no longer an easiness about us, no
longer an abundance of energy, no longer a suppleness.
Ivan Rados’ insight into how we can consciously reconnect with our One
Self enables us to address illness at its source—the mind, which
through thought and emotional reactivity blocks the flow of our
essential being.

By clearing out anxiety, delusion, projections, belief
in separation, and our sense of limitation, we restore the health that
is intrinsic to our humanity.
This book is for anyone who wants to live in tip-top condition. It
shows us how to get well, and how we can enhance our current state of
being and avoid future illness.

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