nuclear wastewaste generated by state

  1. Louisiana

Louisiana has the sixth-highest obesity rate and the third-highest poverty rate in the country along with high rates of smoking and inactivity. The resulting life expectancy in the state is 75.7 years, the third-shortest in the country. Louisiana struggles with diabetes and related health and mortality issues in particular; in 2013 more than 1 in every 10 residents had diabetes.

  1. (Tie) West Virginia & Alabama

With life expectancies of 75.4 years, West Virginia and Alabama tied for the second-shortest lifespan in the country. Both suffer from high levels of premature death, defined as death before the age of 75, due to diabetes, cardiovascular deaths, and drugs. West Virginia is also the nation’s most obese state, given that more than a third of all adults (35.1) are obese, and both posted high smoking rates as well.

1. Mississippi

Mississippians live shorter lives than anyone else in the country, with a life expectancy of exactly 75 years. Like West Virginia, more than a third of all residents in Mississippi are obese, and children tend to have low birthweights, indicating poor parental health practices. As of 2012, in Mississippi there were 10,354 years of life lost prematurely for every 100,000 people, by far the highest rate in the nation.

Question: Is there a positive correlation between toxic waste and health? Review toxic data of theses states:  Mississippi, West Virginia & Alabama and Louisiana

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