• scholarship program, for low income families to be able to take classes.2)no smoking policy in public areas
  • Affordable housing for low to middle income families
  • Job-share options for parents and apprenticeships for teens
  • Free shuttle between East Palo Alto and Palo Alto so youth can partake in afterschool activities.
  • Transportation: less traffic, more parking, more shuttles.
  • Authorize mother-in-law units before approving anymore housing projects.
  • Build a modern, secure law enforcement facility.
  • Improve accessibility by bicycle and public transit to reduce auto traffic in the city
  • Continue to maintain the city’s wonderful investment in tree-lined streets
  • Keep Palo Alto economically vibrant
  • Plan for University Avenue to become a pedestrian mall, closed to traffic
  • Traffic remediation for the abomination which is Town & Country Shopping Center
  • City-supplied free Wifi in major commercial zones
  • Serving current residents and preserving quality of life first
  • Updating, maintaining infrastructure
  • Sound financial future

And more…


open city hall pa housing a priority as requested by the community in Palo Alto need to be more green in palo alto