Dear Doctor,

My older mom and dad are taking more than 6 meds and I wanted to introduce you to my contact Connie Dello Buono 408-854-1883 , a certified representative at Medexprime for the pharmacogenetic tests (pactox lab based in California) to prevent adverse drug reactions and to best-personalized care possible. Pharmacogenetic test results will help you doctor consider which medication will work best for my parents.

A Pharmacogenetics test helps in determining the correct medications by evaluating the enzymes in your Liver. Liver enzymes determine how your body absorbs medication. This process will allow you doctor to consider the proper medication now and in the future.

This is what I learned more about this pharmacogenetic test:
Test is accomplished by a Medicare approved laboratory test. Medicare and Medicare replacement plans pay for laboratory tests 100%. Whether you have Medicare or Private Insurance, there is no out of pocket fee to you for this laboratory test. If you are on private insurance and you receive a bill, please provide us a copy of your bill. The testing laboratory has committed to us that they will not hold our patients responsible for any out of pocket money for liver enzyme laboratory work up’s.

  • Prevent Polypharmacy (purportedly excessive or unnecessary prescriptions)
  • Test covered by Medicare and Private Insurance.
  • Reduce negative side effects.
  • No blood work required. Tests performed via simple saliva swab.
  • Results provided to you doctor and protected by HIPPA.
  • FDA approved and recommended.

Your support on this matter is much appreciated and hoping this tool will be important for both of us, your practice and my parents health.


Your patient