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Here are comments from some of the readers:

  • What is wrong with looking up what might be wrong and then asking your doctor this is not self-diagnosing but being aware of what might be wrong and then asking your doctor? In fifteen minutes which is the average most doctors give you why not ask clear questions. The day of the doctor god is gone they are not better in proactive analysis than the patient.
  • Have had better results with herbs from google than crazy drugs I got from my doctor , some of side effects nearly killed me , have had much results with natural herbs I found from google thanks
  • A GOOD Doctor will encourage you to take charge of your health and ask questions, a scared Doctor doesn’t want you getting information that can tell you how to heal yourself with non-pharmaceutical means. Or doing “their job” that they spent time and money going to school for.
  • If it didn’t take so long to see a specialist we wouldn’t be so anxious. I have waited months and have not received even an appointment date. GP just offers more dangerous painkillers. Can’t blame us for trying to help ourselves.
  • Someone needs to create a diagnosis machine. We can’t be that far off.
  • Cannot prescribe many drugs when we can treat our selves by using research. Less drugs less money for doctors and the drug companies. Think about it. granny Barb
  • If google is right 75% of the time it probably does about as well as a physician
  • they need to make an internet doctor, this can’t be stopped unless they do