A cell is more than a bag of chemicals. It has a power plant (ATP cells, mitochondria), garbage disposal units, libraries, the genome, roads and traffic lanes. We now discovered how cells determine if they have sufficient capacity and not having sufficient capacity can trigger disease such as Alzheimer’s, children’s developmental health problems, women’s bone and overall health issues, decreased testosterone and prostate health issues in men and other health issues.

With GYV (powered by Biogenesis) health caps (to be introduced to the bay area this coming Thursday in San Jose for global expansion outside of UK, Australia and USA) the following athletes can attest to its power boosting ability:

  • Peter Kain , world-class triathlete
  • Dr Chris Kulp, world crossfit master
  • Dr Loren Bertocci, swimmer, water polo and crossfit competitor
  • Christine Kennedy, hall of fame runner’s world marathoner

Scientifically proven results (during the last 5 years in UK, Australia and USA):

  • increased mitochondria and ATP, better endurance
  • faster mucle recovery for better workouts
  • natural anti-inflammatory
  • reduces mucle sorenoess
  • lowers blood pressure
  • decreased cholesterol

Contact Connie at motherhealth@gmail.com , 408-854-1883 (text) to experience the health benefits of GYV health caps and be one of the world’s ambassadors in bringing this health caps to everyone from 8 to 108 years of age.  You are all invited this Thursday in San Jose at 6pm for the launch.