Fund our public schools in America

But that will mean shutting down mostly traditional public schools, which in Detroit serve the neediest students, and further desert students in neighborhoods where charters have largely declined to go.



With smaller class size, support like royal tutoring until the child learns to his utmost capability and teachers’s high standards allowed Finland’s educational system to be number one in the world.

In other countries (Puerto Rico, Philippines) including the USA, parents have to spend so much money to send them to private schools or pay extra tutors to provide the needed support or boost for their children to excel in school.

Thirty years ago, when I was a high school teacher in the Philippines, my pay was $50 per month and the class size of the newly opened school is more than 60. With lack of teachers, classrooms and other equipment, we managed during the first year.  Now most of my nieces and nephews in the Philippines were well educated after graduating high school because they all went to private schools where the class size is smaller, teachers are paid more, more equipment and free tutoring for students who are doing poorly. Like the USA, some parents who send their children to private elementary and high schools in Puerto Rico spend an average of $700 per month.  All just to have higher standards of education, more skilled teachers, more equip facilities and equipment from books to more classes and more skills and knowledge for their children.

In the bay area, I am happy that De Anza College where my two children go, can provide the best education in both technical and non-technical areas.  There is financial aid and student loans in the USA allowing those who wanted to finish college to do so while in the Philippines, most of the students rely on being a working student or the money from family and relatives to support their college expenses.

Providing avenues to learn and grow will surely build a more prepared generation to build a stronger country equip with qualified and skilled workers.