Completion of Health and Life Coach Training from Motherhealth Inc, online and via home-study

Study Goals

Provide a supportive role and holistic approach to health, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and life choices to promote wellness and wellbeing for those with health issues, seniors, pregnant women, women, men and children.

Total study time

35 hrs of reading from Wellness Reading List, watching Youtube health videos, TED, attending health seminars and essay (10 pages) on health ( seniors, women, men, children, health issues) .

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Start Date: Now

Mailing address: Connie Dello Buono, Motherhealth Inc, 1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose, CA 95124

Cell (text): 408-854-1883

Skype ID:  conniedb49 (one on one personalized health coaching (1), completion of training (2))

Note: This training gives you a completion of health and life coach training from Motherhealth Inc.  Your clients should always seek a primary healthcare provider. Being a health-life coach is only in support of their medical and other healthcare provider in area of comfort, research, and coaching in line with their health goals and that of their healthcare provider.


Hint, most of the reading materials can also be found at , Dr Mercola, , TED, yahoo health, medical journals and textbooks, holistic books (1. Signs and Symptoms Analysis from a functional perspective by Dicken Weatherby ND 2. Create your own health coaching reading list 3. Health Guide ebook on herbs and nutrition by Connie Dello Buono 4. Senior care and Pregnancy care ebooks by Connie Dello Buono) other health/wellness books displayed at Pharmaca Pharmacy and Whole Foods Store.  Online webinar via skype and google+ shall also be delivered.

Training Outline

Section 1: Introduction to Evidence-based Health Coaching and Life Coaching

Calling for collaborators (NDs,chiropractors, MDs,other health providers)

Section 2: Identifying Your Communication Style

Section 4: Tapping into the Client’s Learning Style

Section 5: Facilitating Health Behavior Change

Calling for collaborators (NDs,chiropractors, MDs,other health providers)

Section 6: Guiding the Health Coaching Agenda & Goal Setting

Section 7: Motivational Interviewing (MI)

Calling for collaborators (NDs,chiropractors, MDs,other health providers)

Section 8: Wellness and Prevention

Personalized wellness for Seniors, those with health issues, terminally ill, women, men, children, pregnant women and all workers

Pituitary Gland of the Brain, Leptin and Food craving, timing for eating and right kinds of nutrients

Weight lifting, walking, swimming, exercises when on the bed/sitting, more

Section 9: Evidence-based Practice Interventions for Chronic Conditions