Retirement or rental income properties in Tagaytay, Philippines

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Rental or retirement haven

Own a piece of rental or retirement haven in Tagaytay, Philippines. Contact Alel via email Affordable lands for sale and more properties for income potential.

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Tagaytay, Philippines

Tagaytay sits in a mountainous region of the Philippine’s main island. The town, known for its beautiful scenery and cooler climate – a function of its high altitude – rests on the shores of Lake Taal, in the center of which sits Taal Volcano Island. Called the “Second Summer Capital of the Philippines” (after Baguio in the north), Tagaytay is popular for its beautiful scenery, outdoor activities and two 18-hole golf courses. Tagaytay has several public and private hospitals, and additional choices for healthcare are also available in nearby Manila.

Contact or  Marjorie Agustin <> if you want to buy lands or real estate in Tagaytay Philippines. Text 408-854-1883 or 614-215-07348 or 639-055-432-598 or 639-055-432-596


Alelnelen Benedicto has been selling real estate in the Tagaytay region for the last 15 years. Email for contact details in the Philippines.

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