I love caregivers

I love my caregiver and waiting for her each day.

Though I live with my busy family of grandkids, I have one companion I can lean on.

She massage my aching body, especially my legs as my Parkinson and Dementia are progressive diseases giving me more cramps.

She blends massage oil with ginger, turmeric, eucalyptus oil, olive oil, rosemary leaves and anything she can find in the garden and kitchen.

She prepares a good breakfast for me especially an avocado smoothie with almond butter and soft boiled eggs.

She always remind me of my dietary supplements, if I poop, my liquid Floradix iron with warm prune juice.

She takes me to walks, senior center, dancing shows and library.

She reads the Reader’s Digest and most health blogs that we google each day about health.

She ensures that I am not over-medicated and believes in natural healing.


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