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Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Multifactorial Causes

Avoid metal toxins, use your brain and exercise. There are many possible causes of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease including use of medications, lack of sunshine, lack of sleep and stress. 20% of aging adults over 80 might exhibit Parkinsonism and Dementia. Others are so benign but examination of the brain can show these extra spaces in the brain, yet they have lived till 100+ yrs old with grace. Their diet includes yam,fresh and whole foods and no processed foods/sugar in their diet. Most of all they lived in the company of their love ones and have lived an active and sociable lives.

There are many supplements for aging, do eat more enzyme rich whole foods such as papaya, avocado and nuts/seeds.

Sugar, aspartame, metal toxins and processed foods can be toxins to the brain so add fiber in your diet. Stress can kills some brain cells but exercise, sleep and sunshine can help detox the brain.

Avoid processed foods and sugar

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Final anti-aging tips: Avoid medications/drugs if possible, get sunshine, take fresh air,clean water, whole foods, avoid sugar/soda/processed foods and get good sleep. Avoid anxiety and dwelling on problems, be happy and dance.

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