Amazon sales increased  by 20% in 2015.  And now, Amazon delivers within 1 hour in the bay area.


Uber driver’s must respond within 5 minutes since passengers can cancel before then. Uber will be the hottest IPO in 2016. And hiring more drivers, reducing unemployment and saving money for others. Be an Uber driver,  here is the UBER link to earn while you drive part time.


What do you think would be the trend in the future for service related industries?

We still need to cook our bone broth for more than 2hours. We need an hour of full body massage. We need to chew and digest our food while mingling with others. We need at least 6 hours sleep as an older adult to be not crunky or grouchy. We need to read fine prints to avoid any monetary loses.


Houses will be smaller, functional, wired, green or net zero. Email  Connie for a modular, net zero house at

Caregivers for Seniors

Service will still be out of pocket unless the laws are changed. For 24 hr response time in the bay area for seniors needing caregivers, email or text 408-854-1883


Many will chose city college first two years, online and mix of on the job training and classes.  Those who have worked part time before graduating will have more chances in life as they are open to opportunities and have a better work ethics.

Internet Dating

Still a hit and miss chance. Many more dating sites will open to find a niche.

Health Food Stores with organic choices

Consumers will continue on demanding healthy choices in food stores

Integrating and functional products

Gone are CD drive, IN are memory stick USBs and more…


Consumer will define what they want even when game companies change their pricing strategies.


User experience counts for both young and old. Older ladies love their Lexus and Prius. Young generation likes safety and forward looking gadgets.

Rentals in the bay area

Most bedrooms in the bay area are used as rental income. More households will use their homes as their retirement income. And young people find renting a room a saving strategy to cope with high cost of buying a house in the bay area.


More people are getting married to share the cost of living in the bay area and to experience being a parent.

Focus and Success

Those who will succeed in 2016 have more focus and time to plan for their future. They have forged great relationships to make their way to success and embraced new ways in using technologies to their advantage.