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Most common issues with ailing parents, age 70 to 100 are: lack of appetite, lack of sleep, chronic conditions such as cough, pain, constipation, UTI, anxiety, depression, pneumonia, kidney and liver health issues from polypharmacy, med addiction, arthritis, inflammation and other degenerative health issues. It is very difficult when a spouse care for her ailing husband. She forgets to care for herself. It is also harder for Generation X, the sandwich generation to care for their parents and children at the same time and care for themselves at 50s who are experiencing more health issues.

Contact Motherhealth at or text at 408-854-1883 when you need a live in caregiver in the bay area for your home bound seniors.

In the US, health care costs are higher and meds are more expensive.

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There are many ways,tools, and support group that we can use to care for ourselves and our parents. Caregivers hourly or live in can provide respite when we need to rest from caring for our parents. Nutrition drinks such as Glucerna, Ensure or Boost can be used to provide nourishment to our seniors who do not have big appetite but needs to eat every 3 hours.

Medications have many side effects so review the timing of meds which can make our seniors pee more often at night which interrupt their sleep and so they nap more during the day when they need to get sunshine and walking exercise and daily routine of 3 meals, stimulation and snacks.

Our dietary supplements should be taken during the day as they are mostly stimulants to get us more sleep during the night. Calcium and magnesium and melatonin which help us sleep more should be taken late afternoon.

The goal of many in home caregivers is to allow our seniors to thrive and be active in the comfort of their homes. We use short-stay nursing homes for respite care, care homes for longer stay in company of 6 other senior clients with two caregivers. A hospice nurse or care attends to senior in care homes or in their own homes. Many times when we stop all meds because the senior is under hospice care, they live for more than 2 years instead 6months which their doctor told them so.  Many seniors in care homes who have taken so many meds every day and for many years, have easily bruised tissues because of the acidity of medications.

We can learn from each other in the way we care for our parents. Please email your stories to .

Remember to use your memory or lose it, use your muscles or lose it and experience life each day with less worries but with more learning and activity to nourish the soul and body. Children and grandparents should share their lives more with each other.

Older adults caring for their parents should seek caregiving support. In the bay area, 408-854-1883 is for caring caregivers 4hrs or live in.  Also call if you need referrals to care homes in the bay area since your seniors decided to downsize and sell their homes and stay in assisted living senior apartments or care homes instead.

Do visit our seniors in care homes, take them out every Sunday and give them massage for 20min or more.  Hospice means our parents do not or cannot eat anymore with diminishing health issues and the doctor or care home admin suggests for hospice care. Dying at home is the most preferred way for many surrounded by love ones.

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It is very challenging to live with others in a senior care facility. Private rooms are more expensive but 24 hr care is available with meals and many other caregiving services that would help families with other obligations at work, their own children and just visit their our parents in care homes or nursing homes.

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No matter where you want to spend your sick days, at home or care home or nursing home, plan your health early with support or network of providers and please do not over medicate.   Signs of cancer include: lose of sleep, lose of appetite and chronic health issues such as coughing and pain. Signs of Alzheimer and Dementia are lose of memory. Signs of stroke are inability to talk, move muscles in the body and face, eyes health issues and more. Do inspect your feet and eyes often as your feet and eyes tell more about your health issues than other parts of your body.