cost of living comparison

Can we downsize now that we are over 50 yrs of age?  There are many ways we can save by reuse, recycle and downsizing our standards of living. At 50, we can prepare for a second career that will be our retirement activity.

Know your strengths and think early with proper planning, you can find your way to another way of working and earning with fun and satisfaction. Email Connie if you are a woman over age 50 at for many options in your career, retirement and owning a business this 2016.


You can be in the health industry, Uber, or health service such as senior care. You choose the kind of life you want to spend half of your life. Do not forget to build relationships with love ones and new ones with a smile and positive attitude each day. When tired, rest before presenting yourself to the world. As you face the world with enthusiasm and positive spirit so will the world give you the same.