2016 US job market and socioeconomic environment


Strong economy measured by jobs and socioeconomic environment

“We assigned a heavier weight to the former as these factors most heavily influence a job seeker’s decision in terms of relocation for employment,” the finance website said of its methodology.

The results were not so friendly for California. Of the top ten best cities to find a job in 2016– only one of them was located in California. Irvine ranked number seven on the WalletHub list.

Top ten worst cities to find a job in 2016

Half of them were in California. San Bernardino, Ontario, Modesto, Fresno and Stockton were ranked in the bottom ten.

Here’s a link to the full, national list. But if you’re interested in keeping it in California, here’s how some of the golden state’s cities stack up:

#7: Irvine
#15: San Francisco
#17: Fremont
#46: San Jose
#76: Oceanside
#80: Rancho Cucamonga
#81 Huntington Beach
#82: Santa Clarita
#92: Sana Ana
#96: Sacramento
#98: San Diego
#99: Santa Rosa
#111: Garden Grove
#117: Oakland
#121: Anaheim
#125: Chula Vista
#128: Oxnard
#130: Bakersfield
#131: Los Angeles
#133: Riverside
#135: Fontana
#136: Moreno Valley
#138: Long Beach
#140 Glendale
#141: San Bernardino
#144: Ontario
#147: Modesto
#149: Fresno
#150: Stockton
Here are some more of the key findings from the study, courtesy of WalletHub:


Houston has the highest cost of living-adjusted monthly median starting salary, which is three times greater than in Honolulu, the city with the lowest.


Detroit, Mich., has the highest unemployment rate, which is six times greater than in Lincoln, Neb., the city with the lowest.


Providence, R.I., has the highest number of part-time employees for every 100 full-time employees, which is two times greater than in Plano, Texas, the city with the lowest.


Tallahassee, Fla., has the highest percentage of the workforce living under the poverty line, which is eight times greater than in Fremont, Calif., the city with the lowest.


Gilbert, Ariz., has the highest cost of living-adjusted median annual income, which is three times greater than in Cleveland, the city with the lowest.



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