Life prolonging care for seniors

Many caregivers in the bay area told their stories how they prolonged the lives of their clients. They have to ground veggies and other whole foods , protein include eggs,fish and tofu for their client, stimulate them and hug them and tell them I love you.
With my dad who had lung cancer, he lived for 9 more months instead of 3 months as we juice green papaya and apples, massage, prayed, hugged and he lived his last days with the family surrounded by grandchildren.
There are many cases that after seniors moved to care homes that they die in a short amount of time.
And cases of hospice care in their homes and care homes that when all meds are stopped they survived for 2-3 more years.
Many heroic caregivers be it strangers or family members have to sacrifice day and night. Diapers, changing bed covers, lifting them from wheelchairs to bed. Feeding them slowly while they chew their food for an hour demand a lot of patience.
I always tell my caregivers at Motherhealth to give massage to seniors to relieve them of aches and pains and make them comfortable.
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