motherhealth llc logoEach case manager at Motherhealth, a bay area holistic caregiving agency, manages at least 20 caregivers, who provide assistance in daily living. Calling 408-854-1883 gives you 24hr response time and  the case manager will screen and match caregivers based on senior needs and location.

Caregivers report to their case managers on daily basis about the health condition of the senior client in their homes or facilities. Caregivers monitor the bowel movement, and other signs such as constipation, labored breathing,  no appetite,  UTI or diarrhea and other subtle signs of health issues that their personal doctors/nurses can look into. Emergencies are avoided with in home care from caregivers who are trained, compassionate and love their jobs.

Caregivers are trained to know if the senior client has a mini stroke by not responding right away to any question or conversation.  At times, when a senior cannot swallow any more, a hospice care is called that provide nurse visits, 30min a day for two times or once a week.

Some seniors develop more health issues as a result of over medication such as gout, ulcers, flu and even more Parkinson symtoms since most meds are acidic.  Pain can point to added health issues.

Any chronic conditions  such as loss in weight, loss of appetite and chronic pain or cough can mean a developing cancer.

With 24-hr care, the caregiver is better position to monitor the seniors who live alone at home. And with support group from families and case managers, senior care is possible as it takes a village to care for them.

Motherhealth, in home care for 24/7 or 4-8hrs care. 408-854-1883 for all greater bay area seniors.