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Caregivers, home helpers, CNA, elder associate and in home care are some of the many names of those who are helping our seniors at home or in their community with assistance in daily living. Below is a list of duties and job description.

Caring for homebound seniors at home

The Elder Associate/Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA) provides medical and physical care to the elders of the neighborhood to meet their daily needs and enable them to function at the highest possible level. While this care is provided under the leadership of a professional nurse, the elder associate is the elder’s closest advocate in the neighborhood.

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The Elder Associate promotes the elders psychosocial well-being through meaningful relationship building, and works with the neighborhood team to meet other social service needs of the elders and of the neighborhood, always providing support, friendship and kindness for each of the team members. The Elder Associate plans and facilitates social activities for elders of the neighborhood which provide meaningful ways to spend time as recreation, exercise, relationship building and fun. All Elder Associate/GNAs tasks are performed in accordance with current standards, guidelines and regulations and in a safe and efficient manner.

A caregiver’s list of tasks

• Attends to all elders’ personal hygiene and personal care needs, including but not limited to grooming, hygiene, dining and nutritional, mobility, elimination, psychosocial and safety needs.
• Organizes the supplies necessary to complete the tasks.
• Supports the elder in self-care as appropriate, and provides necessary care for those unable to care for their own needs.
• Follows universal precautions, proper infection control, sanitation and safety standards of practice in all work and activities.
• Observes elders closely, identifying changing needs and conditions at first indication, and reports immediately to nursing or village nurse as appropriate.
• Participates actively in the elders care planning and care plan meetings, serving as the elder’s closest advocate in directing their care and honoring their preferences.
• Consistently works with all neighborhood team members, led by elder and family preference to meet the needs and desires of all neighborhood elders.

Life Enhancing caregiving skills

• Continually seeks opportunities to meet elder’s psychosocial needs through both care planned and spontaneous actions.
• Continually seeks opportunities to support the social needs of all members of the neighborhood through support, friendship and kindness.
• Plans organized social activities for individual elders, small groups and for the neighborhood making any necessary arrangements to assure success for the activity.
• Seeks opportunities throughout the day to facilitate spontaneous activities of elders choice and neighborhood preference, accompanies elders in activities of choice.
• Leads and participates in neighborhood/village meetings with elders and team members.
• Continually seeks opportunities to share personal interests and talents with members of the neighborhood through both planned and spontaneous activities.
• Maintains cooperative working relationship with all team members within neighborhoods and villages.
• Demonstrates professional conduct consistent with all elders, team members, families and the public.
• Attend mandatory in-services.
• Performs other duties as assigned

Min qualification of a caregiver

High school diploma or GED preferred and preferably at least one year of full time experience as a geriatric nursing assistant in a long-term care facility, in home care, nursing facility or senior home. Must be able to lift a minimum of fifty (50) lbs. with or without accommodation. Must be able to see and hear or use prosthesis that will enable these senses to function. Obtain annual PPD and meet other regulatory requirements.

Caregiver skills

Responsible for meeting the needs of the elderly population. Ability to demonstrate cognitive, verbal and written communication skills. Ability to interact with elders, family and team members in an appropriate manner. Responds appropriately to behavioral, medical and fire/safety situations. Demonstrate ability to adjust to changes in elders and facility needs.

The responsibilities of this position must be consistently performed using the following behaviors:

1. Honor and respect the Dignity of every person.
2. Encounter each person with Compassion.
3. Act with Humility.
4. Reach out to others in a spirit of Collaboration.
5. Serve with Excellence.
6. Act with Integrity in everything you do.

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