Let me help you meet awesome people and earn at the same time with UBER

Drive Now

$700 bonus from Uber for first time driver

Car must at least be 2008 or newer model. Have a smart phone. Learn use of Google Maps. Be friendly. First week of 100 riders will earn you close to $3000 ($700 included) if you drive during high demand hours in the Peninsula.

And live your passions in life, working flexible hrs as Uber driver.

Being laid off in the bay area, is just another step to a new career or living your passion.


Stories from Uber drivers

  • An Apple engineer drives Uber after work to chat and meet new faces.
  • A motel owner drives Uber to talk to tourists.
  • A single mom drives Uber to send her children to college.
  • Two Uber car poolers met at Uber pool and got married.
  • A bay area Uber driver is now a broker on the side, matching inventors and investors as she meet all awesome people while driving Uber in the bay area.
  • A health coach and Uber driver shares her health tips to her riders.