Patience and loving seniors as your family are important traits of a caregiver.  A caregiver cares every moment she is with her client, a homebound senior.  She monitors her client like a hawk watches her babies. She adds more greens in the soup to give her client more energy. She knows every elimination issues will prevent her client from sleeping or being calm during the night. She can detect a sudden shift in health condition. That is an amazing caregiver.

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Name, age


Sweet Lady loves dancing ; 65 yrs old


Elimination time/status


6am; constipated ; pee every 3hrs; urine yellow


Grooming time/status

cleaned mouth/teeth/dentures, shower at 8am


BP/Sugar, pulse,others

120/75, 90 pulse, 100 sugar,skin rashes/joint pain



160 lbs


Breakfast/Liquid + Solid intake

yogurt, toast,banana,milk,prune juice, one egg, one sausage


Medication/Supplements/Herbs time and dosage

10 kinds of medications Rx, fish oil, Vit C, Vit D, Calcium and Magnesium ; pm: neuro meds




Lunch/Liquid + Solid intake

sandwich, soup




Dinner/Liquid + Solid intake


Provider/health pros/Caregiver notes-observations

anxiety from 6pm till midnight, dementia progressing,sleeps at 8pm, shouts often, talks to herself