vit cLiposomal Vitamin C and a strong immune system will help stop Pneumonia at early stage. Fever is a sign that our body is fighting the infection. Those with weak immune system are susceptible.  Take Vitamin C before your cough or pneumonia worsens. 1000 mg is 1 gram. You may take as much as 6 g of Vit C divided dose every 2hrs.

In further tests on animals, three Chinese workers, W. Han Wen et al., kept a hundred tadpoles in water with high lead content for twenty-four hours and eight died.  The living tadpoles were divided into tanks containing plain water as a control and plain water containing 31 mg% of ascorbic acid. Six days later, all the tadpoles in the ascorbic acid treated water were alive, while 88 percent in the plain water had died.  Uzbekov, in 1960, reported the results of his tests on lead-poisoned rabbits using ascorbic acid and cysteine.  He concluded that this combination should not only be used in the treatment of lead poisoning but also as an antidote.

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The virus can also be stopped by garlic, ginger and Yerba Buena. My grandma Claudia would use her favorite mortar and pestle to grind leaves of Yerba Buena and ginger and squeeze the liquid on the head of her children as she massages their lymp nodes (armpit and inner thighs) to boost their immune system.

Be aware that most OTC NSAIDs such as Aleve and Ibuprofen are acidic meds and can harm your tissues, allowing entry of bacteria from gut to the brain.  So take the low doses only when needed as advised by your provider.

In care homes, the elderly are susceptible to most virus and bacteria as their immune system are weak.

Other benefits of Spearmint

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More Vitamin C research

Vitamin C and Diabetes

Altenburger, in 1936, showed that guinea pigs deprived of ascorbic acid were unable to convert glucose to glycogen for storage in their livers, but this condition was promptly relieved when ascorbic acid was administered.  A dose of insulin that produced a pronounced decline in blood sugar in normal monkeys had little effect on monkeys deprived of ascorbic acid (Stewart and coworkers, 1952).  The intimate relationship between insulin and ascorbic acid has been noted numerous times.  When insulin is injected, there is a fall in the ascorbic acid levels in the blood serum of man, dogs, and rats, as shown by Ralli and Sherry in 1940 and 1948.  Haid, in 1941, also noted this drop, not only after insulin injection but in patients in insulin shock.  Previously,  in 1939, Wille reported that ascorbic acid is helpful to schizophrenics receiving insulin shock treatments.  She also produced evidence that ascorbic acid acts to raise the blood sugar levels in hypoglycemic attacks and said that prolonged administration of ascorbic acid will prevent these low blood sugar attack.

Vitamin C and Pain Reduction

Klenner (4), in 1971, stated he had found the “secret” for reducing paid and infection form severe burns, preventing toxemia and promoting healing.  This method is summarized in the following five steps:  1.  The patient is kept unclothed without dressings in a warmed cradle.  2.  A 3 percent solution of ascorbic acid is sprayed over the entire burned area every two to four hours for about five days.  3.  Vitamin A and D ointment is then alternated with the 3 percent ascorbic acid spray.  4.  Megascorbic doses are administered by mouth and by vein of 500 milligrams of ascorbic acid per kilogram body weight as sodium ascorbate (35 gram for a 70-kilogram adult) every eight hours (105 grams a day) for the first several days, then at twelve-hour intervals (1 gram calcium gluconate is given daily to replace calcium lost in body fluids).  5.  Supportive treatment is given.