She continued on giving her mother a massage and other personalize care in the care home. Her mom lives with 5 other ladies cared for by two caregivers. A gourmet food is served three times a day and residents in the care home are given a shower and assistance in daily living.

When more than one of the residents got pneumonia, her mother did not get one because she was proactive in taking her to her doctor and her massage and presence must be a strong immune booster for her mom.

I too, visits my mother at her place to rub her back and take her to farmer’s market and massage parlor. I believe that daughters spend more time caring for their mothers than sons.

In a care setting, the quality of care includes family members taking their parents for Sunday picnic, doctor’s appointments and a visit to chat about what is going on in the world around them.

Motherhealth LLC allows participation of family members in the care of their aging parents. They act as case manager and coordinator to connect with other providers/doctors about the changing needs of their aging parents.

Providers of care include a caregiver, family member, case manager, doctor or health pros, podiatrists, visiting nurses, physical therapists, acupuncturists and many more providers.

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