Your father toiled to put food on the table and worried how to care for you when you were born.

Your mother wakes up every crying moments day and night when you are a baby.

Now that you are a teenager, you expect more from your mother and father.

Forgive them and love them unconditionally for they are God’s gift to you.

Your parents are here on earth only for a short while.

Why not say I love You more each day to them to remove any pain they have from the day’s work.

They deserve your love as you are also loved by them even when you are far away from home.

Your parents are in pain when you show your anger for no reason.

Respect your parents for some do not have any parents to care for them but grew up as loving and grateful teens and adults.

Say Thank you mom and dad for the many little things you have received since you were born, tangible and intangible.

Now that you are a teen, time is your wealth to do more things that pleases your parents such as a hello text and a message I am ok mom and dad and I miss you.

It will perk up their day, put a smile on their face and motivate them to work harder for your future and invest in your education and more.

Their guiding voice will help you in your path to adulthood. They will give you tips and  hints of protecting yourself from danger. And they will say a prayer for your safety always.

As my father always say, care for each other and help those who needs your help for it will help you in times of needs. Their powerful prayers and blessings will set the direction to your destiny.