save the philippine economyWhat did I learn after graduating high school in the Philippines?

As I look at the old school building, I was wondering how will it look like many years after.

Spending classes outside the roof of a classroom and at times under a tree.

Many shared laughter, giggles and smiles as we make each other laugh at little things.

Now, after high school and on to college to get a diploma to be able to leave the country for higher pay abroad, is my only goal after finishing up high school in the Philippines.

As my other high school teachers left to work as servants in other Asian countries, I wonder if I will follow suit.

I know that it is getting crowded and unemployment is high.

I was later blessed to get a job as a high school teacher and then at Intel in Makati.

Wondering each year before graduation what country I could be working for to earn in dollars as I was only paid $50 a month as a high school teacher in 1983.

Thirty six years later, I visited my mother land. The land where I spent more than 28 yrs of my life and learning new things at school.  Gardening for an hour before class starts and reading textbooks handed down from many years of use.

My family encouraged me to finish college to be able to live and not just live another day.

To have children who will have more opportunities than what I have.

For my government is busy with politics or making money not mindful of serving its people.

The Filipinos who keep coming back to the street to effect a change in government.

The People Power whose voice shouts for no corruption but progress.

Where is progress? When we cannot send our children to school for free with books and pen to write.

Where parents do not have to leave their children in the Philippines to work abroad and earn dollars.

Where parents can guide their children that your future is in your hands and not the government.

But speak up when there is corruption and strive to bring dollars back to the Philippines.

Even the government cannot provide for its people.

Connie Benedicto