Dr Ken Giuffre wrote:

Frequently overlooked essential signs and symptoms when screening for Alzheimer, Parkinson’s and Anxiety Disorder:

  • Depression and anxiety, or any new other new mood changes could be early signs of both Alzheimers and Parkinson’s. These emotional disorders should be treated aggressively and patients carefully followed carefully for other developing signs like memory loss or loss of sense of smell (early Parkinson’s).
  • Doctors and more importantly, family members and spouses, should be more-educated to pay close attention to any new psychiatric symptoms that develop in mid-life. It could be more than just a “midlife crisis”.
  • It’s also worth noting that about 1/3 to 1/2 of Parkinson’s sufferers develop new depression, anxiety disorder or bipolar disorder up to 5 years before any Parkinson’s physical symptoms appear ( tremor, stiffness, balance problems or slowed movement).
  • Early urinary loss of control should also be investigated and followed aggressively. Though it could be bladder or prostate cancer, it’s also a common early symptom in both PD and Alzheimers.

Connie’s comments:

Slowness in speech, senior moments, gait issues, penmanship issues, lack of taste and your taste when kissing your loved ones, changes in blood and urine tests results, and many other subtle signs that aging happens or some health issues should be checked by the doctor early on.

Restless leg syndrome, cramps and migraines, diabetes and high blood pressure are also important indicators if our body is needing more health care needs.

What our family eats when we are growing up can impact our health and also what our mothers ate when we are conceived and growing in her womb.  Breastfeeding and the age and lifestyle (alcohol,smoking) of our fathers can have a greater impact to our health.

Western diet and lifestyle mold our intestinal microbiome that those in farming focus non industrialized countries have more healthy babies.

It is not too late, move/exercise, sing an dance and eat only whole foods and only when hungry.