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A helping hand in caregiving for seniors at home

Care at home with uber-like service, real time health monitoring by trained and rated caregivers with community support

Partner with us in providing the first uber-like service in home care where caregivers and the community are in sync in providing standard of care, monitoring and compassionate care for seniors at home.

Caregivers on demand with community support and senior advocacy

  • My name is Connie Dello Buono, founder of Motherhealth LLC, a caregiving agency providing caregivers for seniors at home.  Since 2000, I have been trained as residential care home administrator and had been working with seniors and caregivers in assisting seniors at home to have a companion and home helper to help them with assistance in daily living.
  • This campaign will help reach out to more people who are passionate about setting up a standard of care for in home careving for seniors with the speed of technology, reaching out to train more caregivers, better monitoring of senior health, on demand caregiving service accessible to all seniors.
  • Imagine as a partner/contributor, you can shape how we provide caregiving service to seniors and assisting them in daily living with on demand caregiving, monitoring, using technology to shape the standard of care in the next century.

When you age, do you need access to caregivers to prevent more emergencies, to have a knowledge base of in home health care, community support and  team to coordinate your in home care with home helpers trained to meet your needs and using technology to be real time and uber-like in delivering service, where services are rated and speed is not an issue.

What We Need & What You Get

Mobile app development, patent application, marketing and operations:

  • The first $50,000 of the funds will go to Mobile app development, patent application, marketing and operations.
  • Unique perks: As new partners, you have a voice to shape the future of home care from setting up knowledge base, referral network, standard of pricing and care, to more uber-like experiences and your name will be included in the list of founding members who defined the requirements for this project.
  • Majority of the funds will go to pay for the mobile app developers and user interface and marketing. With the need for uber-like in home care giving experience, this is the time to enter this market and shape how our next generation of seniors at home can avail of this caregiving service.

The Impact

More seniors and their families can experience uber-like in home care with use of technology, knowledge base, community support, rated caregivers, training of caregivers real time and service with a goal of setting up standard of care and monitoring to prevent emergencies and promote health:

  • Your valuable contribution will make it possible for seniors to use technology to get service they need, rate the service, access the knowledge base, prevent emergencies, get community support and be surrounded by caring caregivers, community and technology
  • My mom is a trained caregiver for past 13 years and many more experienced caregivers willing to share their skills to others. We need to include her skills and knowledge in our database to help more seniors experience excellent caregiving.  An uber-like in home care allows on demand care with monitoring, rating the services of our caregivers, training caregivers real time and getting community support to build a solid team of senior advocates.

Risks & Challenges

  • I have seen caregiving in various facilities, nursing homes, care homes and in home care.  Many families could not afford or find the right resource to help their seniors stay at home. We can train families to support their seniors and provide care on demand and learn from our database. We can train more caregivers with in the community to prevent more emergencies for our seniors at home.
  • Using technology, community support and trained and rated caregivers, we can have an Uber-like caregivers on demand with community support and advocay.