Have you heard of the benefits of telemedicine?

Looking to expand your business beyond that of the physical office?

There is a MOBILE APP for Doctors in the USA to bridge the gap between provider and patient via phone and video.

  • A unique portal that offers many services, including electronic health records, doctor/patient communication, online consultation, procedure scheduling, appointment management, e-prescribing, and accessing/sharing records with providers from any location.
  • A unique opportunity to market your name to the app and be discoverable by patients in your same area; as our app allows patients to seek personal or new doctors anytime from any location.
  • Improve your organizational productivity, creating patient adherence, providing an additional revenue source, and supporting clinical education programs.
  • Reduce healthcare costs, increases access to healthcare, allows preventative care outreach and intensive care services, as well as reporting analytics to help better your services.

Email motherhealth@gmail.com for more info about this new Mobile Application.