image1Connie’s Oxygen Diet Plan

I call this diet plan as oxygen rich meaning that all the proper nutrients work in synergy to allow more oxygen flow to the cells. The blood is not thick or viscous with less toxins as cleaned by our lympathic system. There is just the right amount of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, protein, carbs, essential fatty acids sourced from whole foods.  Salt is not restricted in this diet plan but as we age our taste buds are not complete, so just use a pinch when cooking and do not sprinkle too much on your cooked dish. Kelp and parsley are rich in iodine and salt (use sea salt).

  1. Eat food rich in oxygen, brightly colored/dark greens (pears,kale,squash, yams, 3omega in fish,others)
  2. Combine happy foods (eggs,yams)  and foods rich in phophatidyl choline (soy lecithin, cauliflower, spinach, wheat germ, firm tofu, kidney beans, quinoa and amaranth) with acidophilus/pickled veggies and digestive enzymes (pineapple/papaya) through out the week
  3. Fast (once a month) and up intake of Vitamin C rich foods.
  4. Drink in between meals (green tea, warm) and bite of apples/cantaloupe/water melon in between meals.
  5. Chew your food well and sleep more.
  6. Dance and move always.
  7. Volunteer,garden and love more.

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