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Today is Elder Abuse Day. Visit, talk and care for your mom and dad. Many seniors in care homes are seldom visited by their love ones. It brings a smile in their face and gives them good sleep when visited by their love ones.

Many of their anxiety can be resolved by a calm and loving voice from their children or grandchildren. It is not late to care for them. You will be blessed.

Email Connie at motherhealth@gmail.com if you need a caregiver in the bayarea and any suggestions for a new mobile app to connect older adults to caregivers and their doctors.  Mobile app developers are needed to give your input (tips and suggestions) in a new mobile app for coordinated and integrated care for families, nursing homes and hospitals.

I regularly visit a care home in San Jose and dance in front of seniors to make them laugh and be happy (see senior in wheel chair laughing and watching me dance).