What are the natural ways to cure lipomas? by Connie b. Dellobuono

Answer by Connie b. Dellobuono:

Dr Mercola wrote about Lipomas in dogs.
How to Help Your Pet Avoid Lipomas
To give your pet the best chance to avoid lipomas, it’s important to keep her in good physical condition while also supporting her metabolism, immune and lymphatic systems, and organs of detoxification.
•Feed whole, raw, organic and non GMO’d natural foods – in other words, foods that generate the least amount of metabolic stress. Pet food in its natural state provides needed moisture and insures the highest level of biologic assimilation and digestion.
•Provide fresh, good quality drinking water for your pet. This means water that doesn’t contain fluoride, heavy metals or other contaminants. Filtered water is best, not only for two-legged family members, but for furry family members as well.
•Be mindful of your pet’s BMI (body mass index). Pets can be thin and under muscled, as well as out of shape. Thin pets who are not exercised regularly (which improves circulation and lymphatic drainage) can also develop lipomas.
•Consider air quality. Make sure your pet has access to clean, smoke free air that is free from fumes (cleaning supplies, flame retardants, off gases from paints and new carpets).
•Think about periodic detoxification. Despite the fact we all try to reduce toxin exposure in our pet’s environment, it’s nearly impossible to avoid all sources of exposure, so providing an occasional detoxification protocol for your pet can be very beneficial.
•Spoil your pet with circulatory enhancing therapies such as massage and chiropractic treatments that assist in detoxification.
•Take care not to over-vaccinate or over-medicate your pet. This includes avoiding all unnecessary vaccines, veterinary drugs, and chemical flea/tick preventives. Certainly you want to make sure your pet is protected against disease, but overdoing vaccines, chemical preventives and other types of drugs can dramatically increase the level of toxicity in her body.

What are the natural ways to cure lipomas?