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Please email me your thoughts ( )  about the mobile health application that will be released soon. Collaborators and partners are welcome.

Communicating to our customers, a health monitoring and matching care mobile application from Motherhealth LLC, serving chronic disease management, providing platform for doctors, caregivers and clients to connect, integrate, prevent emergencies and promote health while providing jobs for students and caregivers and other health providers and providing efficient time management for doctors.

Who Those with parents who have alzheimers.. Doctors…. Caregiver looking for clients, 4hrs,live-in, one year, 2m,6m,12m or more
What Need insured,bonded caregivers,reliever caregiver,housekeeper,driver,live in caregiver Those who wants to care for chronic disease (PD,depression,AD,stroke,diabetes) via online video chat,use mobile appointment setting Those who needs med insurance, work at least 30hrs per week,working student,flexible hours, work live in,move from one agency to another each time client dies or changes clients
Why Caregiver app forever, involves other agencies, free referral to nursing and care homes,free senior concierge info, Mobile app reaches more patients, interact wo leaving home, chronically ill, Connects other agencies to provide jobs when vacant and available
Why No time to call and qualify caregivers, does not know what to ask,scope of job,what happens during last stage of disease,hospice care, last will,paperwork,others Mobile app sets electronic appointment, health records visible,monitoring by caregiver feedback in real time, more Scholarships, assistance in car lease, medical -dental insurance,online training,online chat for medical and health questions
Why Curated health and medical info for laymen to easy understand and find and build questions for doctors next appointment Curated medical health tools and info